The Skrews Syndication
Poet's Agreement

Acknowledgement and Contract

This Agreement is made and entered between “You” (“Submitter”, "Author", “Poet”, “Artist”, “Writer”, “Reviewer”, “Artist”) and the Skrews Syndication ("Publisher") regarding the defined exhibits (“The Works”, “Work”, “Copyright Year”, “Copyright Date”). Your explicit acknowledgement and assent to this agreement will be requested digitally.

Your Work and Representations

Work is defined as the submitted poem, prose, art, review, or writing. The Submitter accedes to the following representations and concessions...

  • I am the sole author of the work.
  • My work is original and usage will not violate, conflict, or infringe upon the copyright, right of publicity or any other right of any person, firm, or corporation.
  • My work was not created by means of artificial intelligence, procedural algorithmic generation, or any form of related technologies.
  • My work is not under any contract restraining it from being published in a digital and/or printed media by the Skrews Syndication.
  • I am granting the Skrews Syndication non-exclusive rights to my work for publishing, re-publishing, and utilization in digital or tangible mediums, including future anthologies, and for transaction or not.
  • The Skrews Syndication will NOT acquire your copyright privileges.
  • The Skrews Syndication will NOT sell your Work, comments, biographical details, or contact information to any third-party marketing or research groups.
  • You may use the Skrews Syndication name, logo, issue cover, and branding for the promotion of your Work(s) and/or portfolio.


The Skrews Syndication, while for-profit, serves a primary function of providing a medium for artists to collectively promote their art and aggrandize their portfolios. The Publisher will offer a copy of the published medium, in most cases digital, featuring your work within a month of distribution. For digital distribution, this will usually occur within a weeks time of release. If profits ever exceed operational expenses, The Skrews Syndication will establish a profit share to further compensate published Poets and will revise this document accordingly.


Upon acceptance, the Publisher may provide an initial revision of the Work, as considered set for publication. Your collaboration may be neccessary and you maintain the option to withdraw your submission if no resolution can be made. Consent of this agreement is required for publication after a final state of the revision has been settled. The Publisher may contact you for further editing after the Work has been consented and reserves the right to reject Work at any point prior to publication. Furthermore, the Publisher reserves the right to adjust line-breaks, punctuation, and capitalization, now or in the future and without notice to enhance the digital or physical presentation.

Biographical Information

Optionally, you may agree to provide us with biographical information about yourself, upon request, so that such information may be posted with your work and/or online. Such biographical information may include the City, Province or State and Country of your residence, the circumstances which led you to write the Work, and other details the Author and Publisher may agree are pertinent. The Publisher will not insist that you provide information that violates your rights to privacy or security and your Work can be published anonymously if requested.


The Skrews Syndication may use your contact information to correspond with you regarding your submitted Work. Additional syndicate news may be provided via a periodic newsletter to your supplied email. You can opt-out of communications not related to your Work by following the instructions included in the associated email or by contacting the Publisher directly with your request.

The Skrews Syndication will liaison any external communication to you directly regarding your work. This right is reserved by the Publisher for the intent of augmenting opportunities for our Submitters.


You agree to indemnify Publisher against any and all losses, costs, expenses, damages or recoveries caused by or arising out of the breach of the representations or warranties herein made by you.

The Skrews Syndication agrees and shall be solely liable for all costs incurred in connection with any presentation and publishing of the Work and hold you harmless from any claims arising there-from.


To withdraw a submission

P.O. Box 781
Cumming, GA 30028

For all other inquiries

P.O. Box 781
Cumming, GA 30028