· A dark poetry zine ·

Only can darkness bring meaning to the

light... For the darkness is a mirror, a mere

reflection of luminescence on the other

side. Both are meant to be felt, and only

when seeing the beauty within the

darkness, can one be guided into the light.

Current Release: PENDING 003

Submissions: OPEN FOR 004

Deadline: 2022-09-01

Next Release: 2021-11 (DELAYED)


What is the Skrews Syndicate

and what does it stand for?


The Skrews Syndication is an independent literary publication that is dedicated to the darker, pain-filled words of poets who've experienced severe adversity, trauma, and tribulation in their lives. While the element of suffering is often held in high esteem in the poetry community, most poets who haven't already created a name go unheard. This publication is here to change this. We are by those, for those, and celebrated by those who are in this very real state of chaos.

Our utmost mission is to serve as a means of expression, free of judgment, to those poets who want to share their pain. We're not here to mask the emotions, but to celebrate, learn, and empathize. Our entry point is through and for the public, and we commemorate amateur and professionals alike. Since the release of our first issue, we have provided a platform of forum to encourage our readers and poets. We are excited to introduce and highlight warranted comments that deserve to be shared.





The Skrews Syndication, Issue 002 Cover

With the successful release of our second issue, we’re continuing to focusing on content, delivery, and process as we move towards Issue 003. We are insurmountably excited to continue bringing this project to the world. Since our pilot, we’ve successfully distributed two issues to 12 digital stores and will follow the same pattern in the future. All contributors will receive a free copy of the issue their work is featured in. We are hoping to deliver compensation someday after the costs of publication are covered. We encourage all poets who are interested in participating to explore the Submission section of this site to directly make an entry.


In addition to poetry submissions, we also accept entries for cover art, general suggestions, related anecdotes, reviews, and comments on published works. To inquire or submit any of these non-poetry entries, please email us directly at TALK@SKRE.WS. Cover art guidelines can be found alongside the poetry guidelines in the Submit section of this site.


P.O. BOX 781


Membership information and

Mailing List subscriptions


The Skrews Syndication is excited to offer our readers purchase options for each issue released. Since we're in the early stages of establishing our operation, our medium of issuance and distribution is digital through the various online bookstores. Our top stores include (but not limited to) the Amazon Kindle Bookstore, Barnes and Nobles, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Scribd, and Bookmate. Subscription options are projected to roll out with our third issue.

For the time being, we are collecting only an email for notification. The Skrews Syndication currently operates on donated time, so we’ve decided to publish yearly during the month of October. We feel that an Autumn release is the most fitting for our theme. When nearing our third release, we will send out an email blast notifying all individuals on this list with official subscription details and an enclosed link for membership. We care deeply about providing value and meaningful service for you, and this will enable us to better serve while we’re young as a syndicate. For general support, please consider becoming a Patreon subscriber. A yearly issue will be available for redemption for all periodic contributors every release.


Most importantly, all contributors will receive a FREE copy of the issue their work was featured in and a select few will have a section in the Featured works portion of our website. To submit your own, click the X at the top of the page and head over to the Submissions section.


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2020.10 - Issue 002 is released

Our second issue has been released and distributed! 2020 brought countless challenges to the entire world. This issue is titled The Isolation Issue respectfully.

2019.07 - Pilot Issue 001 is released

The pilot issue has (officially) been released and distributed in two formats across 12 digital book stores! This release has been an amazing journey and we're gearing up for issue 002.

2018.10 - Website is released

After months of work, heading back to the drawing board, and heading back again, Skrews is released! We celebrate with a bottle of Diablo Rojo and start open submissions with poetry indexes.

2018.06 - Skrews project is declared

The Skrews project is passionately dreamed and proclaimed after a need is realized. A mission is put together and a minor timeline is established. Resources are brought in and a long term vision is expressed. Development started a month later.


Highlighted works from our poets,

cover artists, and contributors


With two issues under our belt, we are enthusiastic to showcase featured poets, poetry, and cover art in this section along with a brief highlighted summary and the issue the underlining work was released in. We look forward to collaborating with our poets and artists to populate this segment out for all to read. If you have a piece of work you'd like to submit for this page, click the X at the top of this page and go back to the Submissions section where you have the opportunity to submit your own work. Additionally, any available links will open in a new window for your viewing pleasure.

To give kudos, please email us directly at TALK@SKRE.WS and include the issue of the piece you'd like to elect for this section.






Poetry submission guidelines, entry

form, and contact details



In effort to support our poets, the Skrews Syndication encourages unsolicited poetry at any point in time regardless of our release cycle. Our theme is of the dark, pain-filled side of humanity and we ask this be considered prior to entry. Individual themes per issue may be chosen regarding current events, but aren't required. We also welcome multiple submissions and will accept up to 5 at a time. Response times vary from a few days to a few weeks depending on volume. We request that poets keep this time frame in mind while submitting their work to other publishers. Poets who have not received a response within 90 days can request a status for their submission(s) via email: TALK@SKRE.WS.

We’re currently publishing both poetry and short narratives related to our overall subject matter and/or the specific theme of the current issue. Please send no more than five poems prior to receiving a response from our editors. Our web form will prompt you for multiple submissions. We do not accept translations or work that has been previously published in print or online (unless non-exclusive rights were given). By submitting, the submitter is agreeing that this work is his or her own. To read the full Poet's agreement, please click here.

For online submissions, we will eventually charge a small reading fee, which will be waived for all current subscribers. During our vamp-up period, we are pleased to offer this for free since our early supporters will be an important asset to the success of this publication. If you prefer to submit via post, we do accept fee-free postal submissions addressed to:

Skrews Syndication

C/O Editing

P.O. Box 781

Cumming GA 30028

Primary Editorial Staff

L.A. Wyatt

K.L. Priest

* Please note, we respond to all submissions electronically. Snail mail submitters should be sure to include an email address with their submission.

* For Cover Art Guidelines, please have digital file resolutions meet the criteria of 2560 by 1600 pixels or larger. Digital stores require the ratio of 1.6 in height to 1 in width; so for every 1600 pixels in height, have 1000 pixels in width. When producing non-digital art, use this 1.6 to 1 ratio and keep your orientation vertical where the height is larger than the width. Contact TALK@SKRE.WS directly to get instructions on file uploads or mailing instructions.


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P.O. BOX 781